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In the Market since 2002, the Bela Vista Forestry Plant Nursery is located in Campo Belo – MG, and boasts an installed capacity to produce 15 million forestry seedlings per year.

We produce clonal seedlings of eucalyptus and Australian Cedar through the process of minisprouts, with an innovative technology in nutrition, handling, plague and disease control.

In our clonal gardens we have Australian cedar clone trees developed by Bela Vista Forestry throughout many years of research and genetic breeding. Thus, we reproduce and sell clonal seedlings of one of the most lucrative species in the high-quality tropical contemporary wood industry.

We believe that the first step to be successful in the production of lumber is the use of high quality seedlings, with genetic traits fit to the forest deployment site.

Please, make an appointment to visit our plant nursery. Come see our work with clonal Australian cedar and witness our commitment towards customer satisfaction.

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