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Operating since 2001, Bela Vista Forestry is an enterprise growing every year through constant investments and setting up great partnerships. Our initial project was focused on seedling production and investments in our own eucalyptus plantations and Australian cedar; encompasses today asset management and the enterprises: Tropical Timber, MRF Agroforestry and Natureza Reforestation, totaling over 7,000 hectares of forests.

Our research works is mainly focused on Australian cedar (Toona ciliata) breeding and cloning, a unique project in the world, which has been showing amazing results.

We believe that the development of the forest sector goes hand-in-hand with the development of the country itself, and in each of its undertakings, seeking greater integration with the local community, generating employment and income for the residents.

Plant Nursery at Bela Vista Forestry – Campo Belo / MG.
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