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Well known in the international market, the Australian cedar timber was named “Red Gold” in Australia, and “the cedar of cedars” in Europe.

The Toona ciliata var. australis (Australian cedar) is part of the group of the most valuable tree species used as raw material for the furniture and construction industries.

The biological, physical and mechanical properties of this species’ wood are similar to those of other Meliaceae, particularly those belonging to the genera Cedrela (Brazilian cedar) and Swietenia (mahogany).

In Brazil, it found a poor timber market in terms of quality, beauty, origin and sustainability. Its use is recommended for a wide variety of products such as furniture making, fine finishes in construction, doors and windows, rolling, frames, musical instruments, etc.

In our sawmill we work exclusively with Australian cedar wood. Still a rare product that combines the features of:

Workability / Low shrinkage / Dimensional stability / Mechanical resistance / Lightness / visual beauty

Sliding doors at Mado.
EGP boards – Austral.
EGP at BRA Rewood.
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