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Currently working with 6 high-productivity clones of the BV 1000 line, Bela Vista Forestry boasts an annual production of about 1,000,000 clonal seedlings of Australian cedar (Toona ciliata var. Australis). The seedlings produced by mini-cutting are available to customers between October and February, and can be produced to order for other times of the year.

Our BV 1110, BV 1120, BV 1121, BV 1210, BV 1151 and BV 1321 cultivars (clones), have a great capacity to adapt to different bioclimatic regions, they have higher diametric and volumetric growth, better shape and better resistance to pests and diseases. They represent what is best in terms of genetic material and tropical species high value-added cultivation technology, providing security and productivity to your project.

Our seedlings are available in tubes of 54, 120 and 180 cm3. The strict production and selection standards we follow ensures high quality seedlings, suitable for planting due to hard robust rooting system, stem diameter, height and number of composite leaves.

Australian Cedar seedlings in greenhouse.

Seedlings produced by mini-cutting.

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